Harvesting ideas from recent history — economic reports of the mid-2000s

In February, 2007, the Berkshire Creative Economy Project released a 41-page report prepared by a consultant with the help of a 40-member steering committee.  This images capture some of the key points of the report, which can be downloaded from HERE.  


Some key themes:  (1) Find ways to accelerate attractive opportunities for “young, hip, single artists and entrepreneurs” (2) Focus on sectors like media/new media, commercial arts, design, literary arts, visual arts and crafts, performing arts plus heritage and conservation (3) Address strains on family farms and environment, affordable housing, wealth extremes, lack of diversity and youth outmigration, increase the supply of available, trained workers.

A related 2005 report by BerkshireNavigation, no longer available on line, urged focus on “community well-being indicators around family economics, healthy start, thriving youth, active elders, employer vitality, sustaining environment and vibrant communities.







BELOW from “Well-being in the Northern Berkshires 2005: A Summary Report,” by BerkshireNavigation. (no longer avilable online)


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