Tuesday’s logistics email

Bill Densmore <wpdensmore@gmail.com> Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 11:48 PM

ABOUT THURSDAY: Remarkable participants, inspiring, “open space” — details of our evening together / come at 6 p.m. if you like

To Participants in the Greylock Economy Working Group:

Thank-you for committing more than three hours of a weekday evening to see what’s possible for the Greylock region — Adams, North Adams, Williamstown and beyond.You are about to participate in an experiment — what happens when people take it upon themselves to reimagine our region’s future — and do something?

Please take a moment to learn about our agenda and the five spaces you’ll encounter when you arrive at The Greylock Mill on Thursday:

Also, look carefully at who’s coming. You’ll find many LINKS to bios and organizations.  Try to be familiar with who’s in the room — it might make discussions and
ideas flow more quickly:


WHEN TO ARRIVE — We won’t convene our circle discussion until 6:30 p.m. But consider arriving at 6 p.m.  With so many people full of ideas and (hopefully) ready
for optimistic engagement, why not start networking and sharing hor d’oeuvres, coffee, water and juices beforehand?

WHERE TO PARK — Please turn off State Road (Route 2) on to Protection Avenue at the east edge of The Greylock Mill, then take an immediate right beyond the
building and park in the Mill’s back lot. Walk back to Protection Avenue and enter the door on the east wall of the building.

WHAT TO BRING — If you have access to a printer, consider printing a copy of the “Who’s Coming” and “Agenda” pages, linked above.  We’ll have some copies for those
who need them. Consider also bringing a notepad.

WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT — If you have a statement, business cards, or an organization you care about, feel free to bring literature which you may put on the
idea-sharing table when entering the Mill.  We’ll discourage long discourse about personal projects during the meeting itself. When registering, some of you provided a short interest statement. We will post these and provide a link on Wednesday afternoon for all to read.

DONATIONS WELCOME — This is a no-charge event, organized by Citizen Media Inc., the non-profit publisher of The Greylock Independent, and by the Northern Berkshire
Green Drinks group.  Donations to Citizen Media, which are tax-deductible, to help defray food and organizational costs, will be gratefully accepted.   Larger
donations by check will be acknowledged in writing for tax purposes.


Northern Berkshire Community TV and WilliNet have provided equipment and staff to document for cablecasting our gathering.  Once our discussion begins at 6:30 p.m.,
we are “on the record” until 9 p.m. News reporters will also be at work.

Anne O’Connor has set up a Facebook Event page on which you can post.

If you use Twitter, please use the hashtag #gewg to note postings about Thursday’s event. We’ll collect all those tagged posts after the event and save them.

Bill Densmore
Member, Citizen Media Inc.
cell: 617-448-6600

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