GreylockCreative is not a group, or a thing. It’s an idea from  which we hope new collaborations and a new economy might spring.

Co-convenors as of Aug. 5  include The Greylock Independent and Northern Berkshire Green Drinks. We are an informal, unaffiliated collaboration of citizens. More co-convenors are welcome.

We seek to meet periodically and assist existing groups and initiatives – government and private, business, social, cultural, spiritual – inclusive and welcoming. We mean to foster business that matters, ventures which put employees, community and the environment on par with profits.  We define the Greylock region as centered on Adams, North Adams and Williamstown.  But we want to include the aspirations and talents of people living throughout the Berkshires eastern, upstate New York and southern Vermont. We take our inspiration, and our name, from Mount Greylock.*

* — Read Deborah E. Burns and Lauren R.Stephen’s 2008 book: “Most Excellent Majesty: A History of Mount Greylock.” (copyright, 1988, 2008, Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Inc.)  (DOWNLOAD)





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