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gewg-food-circleWho came to the Greylock Economy Working Group circle-round discussion on Aug. 11 from 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. at the Greylock Mill, 508 State Road, North Adams?

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LISTING in alpha order; affiliations, if given, for ID purposes only
MOST NAMES/AFFILIATES ARE HOT LINES — Learn about fellow participants!

  1. Richard J. Alcombright, mayor, City of North Adams (arriving approx. 7:30 p.m.)
  2. Michael Bedford, treasurer, North Adams Chamber / Berkshire Community Action Council
  3. Lisa Blackmer, city councilor, North Adams
  4. Charles Bonenti, Williamstown; retired editor and arts reviewer
  5. Ralph Brill, North Adams, owner, Brill Gallery; serial entrepreneur
  6. Eric Buddington, city councilor, North Adams, “advocating for community/municipal Internet”
  7. Nancy Bullett, City councilor, North Adams
  8. Susan Bush, North Adams-based reporter, The Berkshire Eagle 
  9. Merritt Colaizzi,  development director, Clark Art Institute / co-creator, Destination Williamstown 
  10. Stephen J. Dadak, Adams, Harmony Wordworking, Berkshire Woodworkers Guild
  11. Hugh Daley, Williamstown Board of Selectman; cfo, Cordmaster Engineering
  12. Tammy Daniels, managing editor, iBerkshires.com
  13. Bill Densmore, Williamstown, Information Trust Exchange project; Densmore Associates; GreylockNews.com
  14. Betsy Densmore, Newport Beach, Calif., founder/managing director, Academies for Social Entrepreneurship
  15. Adrian Fox Dunn, anthropologist,  former fitness/wellness coach, Williamstown.
  16. Paul Dupuis, board member, North Adams Chamber of Commerce 
  17. Kenneth A. Egnaczak, retired mechanical engineer, low-flow hydro proponent, Net Zero Hydropower Project, Cheshire, Mass.
  18. Van Ellet, chair, Williamstown Housing Committee; CEO, Berkshire Senior Advisors
  19. Jeanne F. Feder, Williamstown, arts journalism, PR, marketing in L.A. and NYC
  20. David Fowle, Pownal, Vt., former general manager, Wild Oats Market
  21. Ricco Fruscio, program coordinator, North Adams Chamber of Commerce  
  22. Diane Gallese-Parsons, retired MCLA, ex-North Adams city councilor
  23. William Galusha, Williamstown, local dairy farmer looking to expand business
  24. Sarah Gardner, Williamstown, planner/environmentalist/professor
  25. Beth Goodman, Williamstown, attorney, environmental and general law
  26. Judy Grinnell, North Adams / director, Hoosic River Revival
  27. Kim Gutschow, lecturer in religion and anthropology, Williams College
  28. Brian Handspicker, North Adams, PracticalMarkets, product strategist, entrepreneur
  29. Valerie Hall, director, the North Adams Partnership 
  30. Nancy Harvin, South Williamstown; fund-raising executive; interests: affordable housing and open space
  31. Holly Hardman, Williamstown, Gobbo Films, documentary filmmaker
  32. Andy Hogeland, environmental lawyer and chair, Williamstown Board of Selectmen
  33. Sarah Housman, marketing manager, Wild Oats Market, board member Fund for Williamstown
  34. James Jarzyniecki, architect & co-owner, Outside Gallery, North Adams
  35. Mandy Johnson, architect & co-owner, Outside Gallery, North Adams
  36. Gillian Jones, photographer, The Berkshire Eagle 
  37. Eric Kerns, co-founder, Bright Ideas Brewing, partner/project manager, Redwood Motel development
  38. Bobby Kinne, Great Barrington, representing state senate candidate Andrea Harrington
  39. William F. Kolis Jr., media attorney and Adams native, president, Adams-Anthony Center
  40. Jason Koperniak, Adams / B&B Precision Builders LLC / entrepreneur, tiny-house, RV, writer studio, shed maker
  41. Benjamin Lamb (arriving late), North Adams City Councillor, student-life counsellor, co-owner, Oh Crepe!
  42. Martin Langeveld, acting publisher, The Berkshire Eagle 
  43. Roger Lawrence, architectural designer / outdoor lover / Williamstown
  44. Barbara Malkas, superintendent, North Adams Public Schools 
  45. Martha Montgomery, Williamstown architect,  Montgomery Ark
  46. Joshua Moran, North Adams city councilor / recreation/Appalachian Trail interest
  47. Anne O’Connor, Williamstown Board of Selectmen
  48. Chris Parkinson, Becket, architect and returning Williamstown native
  49. Sal Perry, architect and principal, Latent Productions  (Greylock Mill owner)
  50. Rich Remsberg, North Adams, Atlas Films,  videographer and banjo-ist, Eclipse Mill
  51. Karla Rothstein, architect, educator and principal, Latent Productions (Greylock Mill owner)
  52. Laura Savia, associate director, Williamstown Theatre Festival 
  53. Emily Schiavoni, co-owner, Oh Crepe!, North Adams; So. Vt. College residential-life director
  54. Clark Semon, Williamstown, oven-stove and rocket stove expert
  55. Amy Shapiro, Franklin County Community Development Corp. / commercial-kitchen operator; Northern Berkshire Loan Fund (in formation)
  56. Sam Smith, Williamstown, co-founder emeritus, Caretaker Farm 
  57. Lauren R. Stevens, Williamstown, columnist, book author,  “50 Hikes in the Berkshire Hills”
  58. Win Stuebner, physican, member of several local, regional, statewide health-care boards
  59. Michael Sussman, pediatrician and chairman, Williamstown Finance Committee
  60. Sarah Sutro, North Adams, visual artist, Eclipse Mill
  61. Richard Tavelli, Williamstown / coordinator, Adams-Anthony Center;  community development advisory
  62. Jason Velazquez, Williamstown, editor/owner, GreylockGlass.com
  63. Sam Waterbury, development officer, MassMoCA, North Adams
  64. Tela Zasloff, Williamstown, author and editor, the Greylock Independent



Some people are participating in the working group remotely, because they have a commitment to the Greylock region but were not be able to be present on Aug. 11.  They may post ideas or may participate via Twitter (hash tag: #gewg)  or other means. Others have connected since Aug. 11, asking to be connected with GEWG. These include: