Dozens of ideas emerge from Aug. 11 Greylock Economy Working Group summit: Read about them

More than 60 people gathered Aug. 11 at the Greylock Mill  — click below to watch video

MCLA grad authors summary of ideas and action from Aug. 11 summit

A 2016 graduate of the arts-management program at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts has completed a summary of ideas and proposed actions generated by more than 60 people who attended the inaugural Greylock Economy Working Group gathering on Aug. 11, 2016.  A related report has already also been published by Tela Zasloff at the Greylock Independent.

Learn more: 

“What’s possible if we balance idealism with practical ideas to make good things happen?”


Find out WHO CAME /

That’s the question we asked when nearly 60 people gathered Thurs., Aug. 11 from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at The Greylock Mill, 508 State Road, North Adams.  You can read the “convening invitation” below.   You can also view the list of who particpated, in person and remotely, and the agenda/schedule we followed:

 (and be in contact).

And you can follow and ADD to an ongoing list of ideas for action.

The Berkshires have always been a center of creativity. Until late in the 20th-century, our region contributed literary, spiritual and industrial ideas to a growing nation – and attracted thousands of prosperous city dwellers, and aspiring immigrants, to build and work in factories.

But industrial economics have not favored us. Thousands and thousands of jobs are gone, forcing generations to look elsewhere for work. Housing, mills and stores built for many more people languish.
Meanwhile, this land continues to inspire us, and to offer promise to a new generation of farmers and environmental stewards. Information technology is forging a new closeness with the nation’s business, academic and entrepreneurial heartbeats. And green, local,  cultural investments are sparking new excitement.

Are you ready to take on the local, sustainable, creative-economy challenge?

  • What are our unique cultural, environmental and spiritual values and assets?
  • Where are the 21st-century entrepreneurs to capitalize on them?
  • How do we invite them to join us, to prosper and sustain the best of the Greylock Region – Adams, North Adams and Williamstown?
  • How do we begin an affordable- and shared-housing renaissance?
  • What about transportation, community media, civic- and career-based education?
  • How do we make sure a new economy works for all of us – including those with health, human and education needs?

Please join the

Greylock Economy Working Group

Thurs., Aug. 11, 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
The Greylock Mill, 508 State Road, North Adams


For more information about this gathering, you can also email

Join facilitated, circle-round, “open space” discussion around this convening question: “What’s possible if we balance idealism with practical ideas to make good things happen?”  We propose an informal, unaffiliated collaboration of citizens. We’ll meet periodically and assist existing groups and initiatives – government and private, business, social, cultural, spiritual – inclusive and welcoming. We mean to foster business that matters, ventures which put employees, community and the environment on par with profits. Come help start a Greylock economic revolution.

Co-convenors  include The Greylock Independent, and Northern Berkshire Green Drinks.

Special thanks to GreylockWORKS for opening their space.

Other logistics assistance provided by Northern Berkshire Community Television Inc., WilliNet, the First Congregational Church of Williamstown, and Carlow & Zepka Construction Co. Inc.

One thought on “Dozens of ideas emerge from Aug. 11 Greylock Economy Working Group summit: Read about them

  1. Sorry I can’t attend.
    A couple of ideas floating around is to market this area for Wedding destinations year round.
    TOURISM: Explorer a partnership with Jacob’s Pillow for summer dance programs in NoCo.
    Collaborate with nearby ski/winter resorts to foster winter visitors to towns – packages.

    Hire a full time economic development/marketing person for the area.


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